Harveys Bristol Cream Sherry

750ml Bottle

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    Alliance Global Group Inc.
    17.5% Alcohol
    Product Description

    Harveys Bristol Cream Sherry Wine is launched in 1882 and crafted from a delicate blend of Jerez's most excellent wines; delicate Finos, aged Amontillados, fragrant Olorosos, and the distinctive Pedro Ximenez grape providing a silky, mellow smoothness and aged on average between 3 and 20 years. Known for its deep golden chestnutty and amber tones, the nose is full, fragrant, pungent, and elegant all at once. On the palate, Bristol Cream delivers a full-bodied experience with rich yet mellow notes leaving a long-lasting and velvety finish. It has usually served well chilled as an aperitif, as an after-dinner drink straight, or on the rocks with a wedge of lime or slice of orange. It can serve as a dessert wine with cheesecake, flan, bread pudding, or creme brulee. The ice lessens the viscosity, and the citrus lowers the sweetness to create a refreshing drink. Enjoy!