Widow Jane Lucky Thirteen Bourbon

750ml Bottle

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    Widow Jane
    Cacao Prieto Distillery
    46.5% Alcohol
    Brooklyn, New York
    Product Description

    Widow Jane scours the country for the finest barrels of Straight Bourbon and Rye Whiskeys. Hand assembled right here in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, they bring these to you with non-chill filtration and proofed with hard-yet-sweet pure limestone water from the Legendary Rosendale Mines of Upstate New York.

    The whiskey aging process is influenced by time and place. These barrels have all been influenced by their original source's varying temperatures and humidity levels and their time in our rick house in Red Hook, Brooklyn. The different rick house positions combined with climate variations have led to subtle deviations in flavor, all coming together in hyper-small batches, little more than a handful of barrels at a time.

    Widow Jane Lucky Thirteen Bourbon is aged for a minimum of thirteen years, non-chill filtered & proofed with our limestone mineral water from the Legendary Rosendale Mines of New York; Lucky Thirteen is always a way to share good fortune.

    Tasting Notes

    Aroma: Vanilla Bean, Earl Grey Tea, Caramel and Sweet Tobacco.

    Palate: Pecan Pie, Whole Grain Toast, Grapefruit Peel.

    Finish: Nutmeg, Birch Beer, Dry Oak Tannin.